What Others Say

“Alexis works hard in every effort and continues to stay on top of things cradle to grave!” ~Tiffany C., Item Manager

“Her willingness and positive attitude to do what is needed to get the job is what inspires me.” ~Chad B., Logistics Manager

“Alexis puts 100% into everything she does inside and outside of the office.” ~Jeff P., Item Manager

“Alexis is always professional no matter what. She is always well prepared, has everything up-to-date, and ready to present. Also great follow-through!” ~Sandy W., Production Management Specialist

“Alexis’s single trait that inspires me is her motivation. She is extremely intelligent, knowledgeable, and accountable–all excellent traits!” ~Jim Y., Squadron Deputy Director

“Alexis takes the lead in all her requirements. It makes my job easier and for all the people 360 degrees around her.” ~Leslie E., Contracting Officer

“I’ve been very impressed with the work Alexis has done and her ability to handle change and always looking to improve. I know our organization is in a better place following her time and effort here.” ~Layne W., Logistics Manager

“The one thing that inspires me most about Alexis is her tenacity of task (grit). I saw her slogging along on tough issues and not giving up when given dead-end/roadblock answers. There’s always someone else to ask to get around the roadblock.” ~Richard A., Flight Chief

“Alexis is one of the best communicators (verbal and written) I have seen in 25 years as a CGO (and quite frankly FGO’s as well).” ~Kieran K., Group Commander (Col, Ret)